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You asked, Eastern Shore Dental Care answered!

Are over-the-counter teeth whitening products as effective as professional in-office treatments?

NO! Nor are they as safe. While OTC products may be cheaper, they definitely have many pitfalls. First, they provide gradual and lackluster results. If you use a strip product, you are more likely to end up with two-toned colored results because they don’t cover teeth evenly. Plus, they are extremely rough on gums. Also, many people tend to overuse OTC products. That combined with ill-fitting trays and strips leads to many long-term problems from enamel damage and gum sensitivity.
On the contrary,  in-office treatments are much safer because we create custom-fitted mouth trays to provide even coverage of a much more-effective whitening gel. The biggest benefit of a custom mouth tray is the gel will not run over and harm your gums. Prescription whitening gel is also better for your enamel and produces a much quicker and longer-lasting result. Plus, being under the supervision of your doctor helps us monitor the health of your gums and teeth while giving you the brightest smile possible!

Eastern Shore Dental Care, (410) 643-5500,

You asked… and Kent Manor Inn answered!

What is the difference between an on-site venue coordinator and a wedding planner?
This question is asked frequently when speaking with brides and grooms at Historic Kent Manor Inn.  Having an on-site coordinator at your venue is a great asset to assist the bride as well as the wedding planner to your wedding day as pleasurable and smooth.  On-site coordinators have intimate knowledge of the wedding venue, understands what works best at the venue, ideas of how to make the ceremony and banquet spaces work best and ideas to assist you in your planning. On-site coordinators normally hold a junior role as compared to the wedding planner. They are available to answer questions, provide professional vendor list, assist with room layouts, ensure that venue rules and guidelines are being followed.  Most importantly, this coordinator provides you with your hands-on, day-of coordination to help guide the bride, groom and wedding party through their special event.
By comparison, a wedding planner will be there to assist you from beginning to end with one-on-one help with planning every last detail of your wedding.  This often includes the colors, table-top, florals as they help customize your dream wedding.  Make sure you ask your prospective wedding venue exactly what your on-site coordinator will be providing.  You can then decide if these coordinator services will be satisfactory or if you prefer to hire a wedding planner. Interviewing several wedding planners is without cost and will also help you decide.
Kent Manor Inn • 410-643-4242 •

These online tools can help you find a first mortgage that fits

(BPT) – Whether you’re a first-time or experienced homebuyer, chances are a good portion of your real estate journey will take place online. In fact, four in 10 homebuyers start their house-hunting with an online search, according to the National Association of REALTORS. It’s easy to understand why: Online tools and apps can make the homebuying experience — including finding a mortgage — easier and more enjoyable.

If you’ll be shopping for a home, use the tools homebuyers find most useful, according to the Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report:

* Mortgage calculators — It’s important you’re as comfortable with your mortgage terms and lender as you are with the home you’re paying for. An affordable mortgage helps homebuyers reap the full benefits of home ownership, including building equity and long-term financial security. A mortgage calculator can help you understand what you would pay each month, as well as estimate monthly mortgage payments and rate options.

* Finance websites — Home shoppers can learn a lot about mortgage options and a bank’s customer service through websites that feature reviews of mortgage loan officers and lending institutions. More than a third (36 percent) of first-time homebuyers and more than a quarter (28 percent) of experienced homebuyers use bank apps or websites to research reviews of lenders and loan officers.

* Loan status portals — Applying for a mortgage can sometimes be overwhelming, but real-time loan status information is transforming the process. For example, Bank of America’s Home Loan Navigator allows mortgage applicants to securely upload, submit and sign documents, get real-time status updates on their application and loan, receive important documents and disclosures and communicate with experts via secure messaging.

* Mobile real estate listings — With many home listing websites available, it can be difficult to narrow down online searches to homes that meet all your criteria in your location of choice. Using a bank’s online real estate center can help you refine your home search or, if you’re selling, it can help you determine your home’s estimated value.

* Down payment sources — Saving for a down payment can be one of the most challenging tasks of buying a house. Tools like Bank of America’s Down Payment Resource Center offer a searchable database of more than 1,000 local and national assistance programs that may be able to save you money on your down payment.

* Home design apps — With inspiration in hand, homebuyers can use home design apps to put their ideas into virtual reality. These apps allow you to take and store room measurements, make notes on design ideas and see virtual representations of what your decor plans will look like in your home.

To learn more about home buying and mortgages, visit Bank of America — Home Loans.

Have Your Heart Set on an African Travel Honeymoon?

5 cornerstones of an unforgettable African travel experience

(BPT) – If you love to travel, chances are you have a bucket list filled with once-in-a-lifetime destinations you simply cannot wait to visit, whether you dream of exploring the homeland of your ancestors, cities renowned for their culinary feats, or a place known for its wildlife.

If your focus is the latter, no bucket list is complete without an authentic African safari that provides the opportunity to step into the native habitats of Africa’s big five animals, rare birds, and great apes. If this type of intimate animal experience is on your must-do travel list, here are five reasons Uganda is the perfect destination for your African adventure.

You can get up close and personal with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees

Uganda is home to more than half the world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas, and trekking to see these majestic creatures in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a top bucket list item for nature enthusiasts. The country is also a prime location for those hoping to catch sight of chimpanzees, as Budongo Forest Reserve is home to 700 of these playful primates, including three groups that have been habituated and can be visited by humans.

See it all at Murchison Falls National Park

You can see it all at Murchison Falls National Park, which is a four-hour drive northwest of the capital city of Kampala. Bisected by the Nile River, Murchison Falls boasts 76 species of mammals and 451 species of birds. The park is home to iconic African game such as elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and giraffes, as well as river-loving animals like crocodiles and hippopotamuses. The dramatic falls, created by a remnant rift that plunges water 150 feet down the valley wall, provide a picture perfect photo opportunity.

Catch a glimpse of the southern white rhino at Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch

Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch is home to 15 southern white rhinoceroses and is the only place in Uganda to see this majestic creature. The ranch, a collaborative effort between the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rhino Fund Uganda, serves as a sanctuary where the animals can live and breed in a protected environment. In addition to the rhinos, more than 40 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds call Ziwa home. Those who visit leave invigorated by the power of conservation and the work the ranch is doing to protect its residents for generations to come.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is for the birds, and you

Bird is the word at Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda, where 600 different species of birds can be found – more than any other park on the eastern half of the continent. Here, you will have a chance to see some of Africa’s most sensational birds such as the Shoebill, African Broadbill, Martial Eagle, Black-rumped Buttonquail, African Skimmer and Pink-backed Pelican.

Seize the opportunity to enjoy authentic, immersive cultural experiences

Uganda is home to more than 50 distinct tribes, and meeting individuals from any of them offers a unique opportunity to experience their way of life and make lasting personal connections. Join the Batwa Experience for a glimpse into the living history of a tribe that once called Uganda’s forests home. You can also learn the art of basket weaving or beekeeping from communities across Uganda who use these arts to sustain their villages. A number of lodges connect travelers directly to these local communities, providing the chance to experience unique cultural performances of dance, music and song that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

Uganda is often referred to as “The Pearl of Africa,” and those who visit quickly understand why. Some of the continent’s most diverse wildlife viewing, dramatic landscapes, and mesmerizing cultural interactions await adventurous travelers, and there is no better time to plan a visit than right now. To get started, head to and begin preparing for the African adventure of a lifetime.

IMAGE CAPTIONS: ——————————————- Caption 1: Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the world’s top wildlife experiences. Caption 2: The Nile River spills over Murchison Falls in Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area.

The best wearable tech devices to help you look and feel better as you prep for your big day

(BPT) – Wearable health technology first started in hospitals as a way to help people with injuries heal faster. Now, the trend has gone mainstream and pro-active; one in five online adults uses a wearable device, and the majority of those devices are health-related, according to Forrester Research.

“Americans are using a variety of wearable devices to help them reach their wellness goals,” says Mike Nohilly, an expert in wearable technology for Slendertone. Once, people would have needed a doctor’s visit to find out key wellness numbers like BMI or blood pressure, or needed gym equipment to monitor their heart rates while exercising. Wearable devices allow them to do all those things, and even tone specific muscle groups, at their own convenience.”

Here are five wearable health devices and how you can use them to help build fitness and better health:

* Fitness trackers — If it seems like everyone is wearing some kind of fitness tracker, you’re not imagining it. The top wearable of 2015 was a fitness tracker that shipped more than 21 million units last year and represented nearly 38 percent of the wearables market, according to International Data Corporation. Fitness trackers allow wearers to monitor key health indicators such as heart rate or calories burned. You can also use them to set and track exercise goals, such as walking a certain number of steps per day, or monitor your heart rate while exercising to ensure you reach a target zone.

* Pain relief braces — Worn like traditional braces, smart braces use neurostimulation sensors, built into the fabric, to ease pain with low-level electrical impulses. Wearers rely on the bands to help relieve joint pain from chronic conditions like arthritis. Some come with a smartphone app that allows you to track usage and sleep patterns.

* Ab toner — Instead of spending hours in the gym doing crunches, you can enhance your workout by wearing a piece of technology that works to strengthen, firm and tone your abs. The Slendertone Connect Abs wearable belt uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the major abdominal muscles, and can be worn and used at any time — even under your clothes. Users report visible results in six to eight weeks when used at least five days per week for 30 minutes. You can control this FDA-cleared device through an app on Android or Apple smartphones, and choose one of five goal-driven programs, from essential toning to post-natal and even advanced toning. The app also tracks and shares data on your progress. Visit

* Sleep trackers — Getting the right amount of sleep is critical for overall health, so sleep trackers have gained popularity as aids to help people get better rest. Many types are available and some are wearable. Sleep trackers monitor such sleep metrics as REM phases, how long per night you spend in light sleep versus deep sleep, wake times, how quickly you fall asleep, what time you sleep each night and more.

* UV detector — An emerging form of wearable technology, UV detectors monitor skin exposure to harmful ultra-violet radiation — the portion of sunlight that causes sunburn, tanning and skin cancer. Multiple versions are under development, and one commercially available detector is a small patch that you wear on your skin and then scan using your smartphone that’s been equipped with a special app. The app allows you to read the information recorded in the patch so you know your UV exposure, and offers tips for sun safety, including what level SPF sunscreen you should wear.

“Many health care and tech industry watchers say the wearable health care device trend is really just getting started,” Nohilly says. “Technology has great potential to help make it easier than ever to achieve our health and fitness goals, whether we want to get a better night’s rest, improving cardio-vascular health or get toned abs.”

Hosting guests? 9 easy steps to prep your home: Fast tips to protect your new home when hosting guests

(BPT) – Hosting friends and family at your home is a guaranteed way to make long-lasting memories.

Not only will your guests be reminiscing about the wonderful chats and laughs you shared, but thanks to some quick tips from Minwax(R) spokesperson, Bruce Johnson, they’ll remember how great your home looked, too.

To prepare your home for guests, no matter how long they plan to stay, consider these 9 easy tips:

Mats and rugs: The sand and dirt on the bottom of guests’ shoes act like 60-grit sandpaper, wearing away your floor’s finish as they move from room to room. Protect your floors with fresh doormats and colorful rugs on each side of your doors. Plus, new rugs add a welcoming touch while instantly refreshing your space.

Fill furniture nicks: Make furniture look new again by filling in marks and scratches the easy way with Minwax(R) Stain Markers(TM). Available in a wide range of wood tone colors, Minwax Stain Markers have a convenient felt tip that delivers stain precisely where you need it, making your worn furniture look virtually new again.

Move fragile objects: Hosting can mean extra activity throughout a home and accidents can easily happen. Rather than a friend accidentally bumping into your grandma’s heirloom porcelain vase, opt to store it for a while. Breakables are best put away when guests are over, especially when hosting large parties.

Clean hardwood floors Keep your floors looking great for company with Minwax(R) Hardwood Floor Cleaner. It’s an easy to use cleaner that will gently remove dirt and grime, without leaving a soapy film behind.

Protect finishes: A great way to preserve and protect the finish on any of your wooden furniture is with a coat of Minwax(R) Paste Finishing Wax, in either natural or special dark. Rub it on, let it begin to dry, then buff with a soft cloth to a semi-gloss sheen.

Directions: Finicky furnace? Touchy toilet? Microwave with a mind of its own? Ease guests’ stay by posting a small note card with directions for anything that might not be obvious. You’ll make them feel at home!

Set out guest towels: Overnight guests will need to shower and prepare for the day. Set out extra towels and washrags for their use either by the guest bathroom sink or on their bed. Not only is this convenient, but it also encourages guests to wipe up wet messes which will eliminate future mold and mildew growth.

Protect tabletops: To avoid unintended white rings and water spots on wooden surface, apply a coat of Minwax(R) Wipe-On Poly a few days before your guests arrive. Then, set out coasters and trivets for easy use so guests stow drinks safely throughout your home.

Quick Cleanup: No need for a full cleanup after an event, but basic steps can help avoid long-lasting damage. Make sure to visit each room and pick up plates, cups, napkins and glasses. These often have moisture or food under them which can damage furniture (and smell) if left overnight.

Newlyweds: Money-saving tips for your first move together

(BPT) – With the average wedding costing upwards of $30,000, starting your new life together takes a lot of careful budgeting. After you’ve finished paying for the flowers, reception hall, caterer, photographer and everything else related to your big day, you may not have much money left over when it comes time to move into a new home together. However, managing your move can be your first big DIY home project together, and it’s one that’s very doable on a budget.

Whether you’re moving in together for the first time or moving up from a smaller apartment to the home where you’ll start your married life, you can save money and make your move go smoothly with a few tips:


If you were both living on your own before marriage, you probably have duplicate items you won’t need, such as two sets of pots and pans, dishes, glassware and furniture. You also likely received some wedding gifts that can replace old stuff. Don’t take things you don’t need with you to your new home. Instead, streamline by selling or donating excess stuff. Selling unneeded items can put some money in your pocket when you need it most. Or, donating goods can help you get a tax credit for charitable contributions when you file your taxes next year.

Hold on to gift cards

If you received gift cards for your wedding, you might be tempted to spend them right away. However, every item you buy before the move is one more thing you’ll have to pack and haul. Put off using gift cards until after the move, when you can use them to help decorate or furnish your new home.

Line up your moving truck

Renting a truck and doing your own packing and driving are great ways to save money on your move. If you’re moving from a small apartment or condo into a larger home, you probably have less stuff, and a smaller vehicle — such as a 12- or 16-foot Penske rental truck should be big enough. Generally, moving experts recommend you plan for 150 cubic feet of space for every furnished room you’ll be moving. Be sure to reserve your truck at least two weeks in advance, and ask about discounts; Penske Truck Rental offers discounts for AAA members and military personnel.

Pack wisely

You’ll need multiple sizes of sturdy boxes to pack and protect your belongings for the move. Your local truck rental store will have all the packing supplies you need. Start early and pack over time so the job doesn’t feel overwhelming. Label each box with the contents and the room where it will go in your new house, tape it securely and it’s all ready to go onto the truck on moving day.

Get help

Moving day is a great excuse for a party! Ask friends over to help, and when the job is done treat everyone to take-out in your new home. For particularly heavy or fragile items, like an antique armoire or big sectional, it may make sense to hire professionals to help you pack and load those items.

Loading up

Loading the truck well maximizes the use of the space and helps protect your belongings while they’re in transit. Load the heaviest boxes and items first, placing them on the bottom of the truck. Next, load lighter items and boxes on top. Penske’s Truck Wizard application can help you plan how best to pack your truck.

Drive safely

Your move may be the first time you’ve driven a vehicle larger than an SUV. Safely driving a moving truck takes some caution, such as using your mirrors to help navigate turns, avoiding abrupt stops or lane changes, and setting the emergency brake every time you park. For more tips on driving a moving truck, visit

Moving into your first new home together can be an exciting experience. With some planning and care, you can accomplish your move smoothly and on budget.

7 tips to conquer your packing challenges while traveling

(BPT) – Whether it’s business travel, family road tripping or a romantic getaway, exploring new places is exciting. You may be counting down the days until you leave, but if there’s one thing you dread, it’s packing. Deciding what earns a spot in your suitcase is hard enough, let alone figuring out how you can fit it all in.

Do you look with envy at savvy jet-setters who seem to navigate airports with ease while only toting a small carry-on? It’s because years of travel experience has taught them some packing tricks that make the process simple. Now you can use these same strategies to pack with ease no matter how near or far you plan to travel.

Select double-duty clothing items.

Check the weather for your destination so you pack only items appropriate for the forecast. You won’t need that big sunhat if rain is coming. Want to take it one step further? Choose items that multitask. For example, a large scarf can be a stylish accessory and also be used as a blanket on the plane or at the beach.

Pack toiletries strategically.

If possible, only bring samples and travel sizes of items to save space. Then leave them behind at the end of the trip to open up luggage space to bring home mementos. To avoid luggage spills and explosions, place toiletries in plastic bags or add plastic wrap to the tops before screwing on the cap.

Choose time-saving tools.

Air drying hair takes forever and hotel hair dyers are often slow and unreliable, so pack a lightweight, folding dryer like the Panasonic EH-NA27-K Nanoe Compact Hair Dryer to streamline your beauty routine. The nanoe technology draws moisture from the air to create moisture-rich ions that penetrate each hair shaft ad enhance hair’s smoothness and shine. Need more incentive? The unique Quick-Dry Nozzle is designed to dry hair faster, so you can spend less time getting ready and more time enjoying your vacation.

Fold to prevent wrinkling.

To prevent wrinkles on delicate items, try wrapping them around soft, bulky items. For example, wrap a silk blouse or cotton trousers around a sweater. Avoid folding clothing any more than necessary. In fact, many people use a rolling method for packing clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles.

Utilize odd-shaped items.

Shoes take up a ton of luggage space, so strive to select no more than three pairs, and wear the heaviest or bulkiest pair while traveling. Place shoes along the sides or bottom to strengthen the bag and then stash items inside to maximize space (like socks, nylons and deodorant).

Eliminate makeup mayhem.

Only bring makeup essentials on a vacation and pack multi-use items such as a lipstick that can also be used as a blush. To prevent shadows and pressed powders from cracking, place a pressed cotton pad between the powder and the lid.

Grab a few plastic bags.

One of the most versatile things you can bring on a trip is also one many people forget: resealable plastic bags. Whether you need a bag for bringing toys down to the pool, a place to put dirty clothes throughout your trip, or something to place that soggy swimsuit in before you check out of the hotel, plastic bags are your secret weapon.

Nothing Sets the Mood for a Picture Perfect Wedding Day Like Flowers…

Let Your Style Bloom

At some point in every girl’s life she thinks about that one special day when she gets to feel like Cinderella- Prince Charming, pumpkin carriage, glass slippers, THE WORKS. Now, your Prince Charming may ride a Harley instead of a white horse, or your pumpkin carriage may be a fine crafted Skipjack, passed down from generation to generation, working days have long behind. For every Cinderella, there are many creative ways to leave little stamps of herself all throughout a wedding ceremony and reception. Flowers,
being one of them. Let your style bloom…

Article & Photos courtesy of The Flower Shop
101 Dundee Aveune, Suite 100, Chester, MD 21619

We all know very well the picture of a traditional bride with a traditional ceremony. The brick church, a perfectly made up bride in a stark white ball gown accompanied by her tuxedo clad father carrying what else, but a bouquet of beautiful white roses; perfectly classic in every way. Maybe those white roses are accented with grand alter pieces of white hydrangea, blush peony, and that traditional wedding staple: calla lilies. There is just something about Frank Sinatra and a beautiful blush pink peony centerpiece that screams WEDDING! Now, what about the bride who wants something just a little bit different, a little bit outside the box? Our brides here on the Eastern Shore are proud of their roots and aren’t afraid to show it!

Here on the Eastern Shore we are known for our beautiful Chesapeake Bay and the rivers and creeks that connect us. This makes it no surprise that a nautical themed wedding is quite popular and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Beautiful blue hydrangeas in a rope wrapped oyster can are a great way to bring a nautical feel to reception tables. If you are a really bold bride, filling Old Bay cans with Black Eyed Susan’s and bay grasses is just about as MD proud as you can get! There are certainly ways of bringing the Eastern Shore spirit to your waterfront ceremony through flowers as well. Mark your aisle with bushel baskets spilling with marsh grass, solidago and tiger lilies just like the ones that grow wild along Hwy 301 all summer long.

Doing a total 180- we don’t want to leave out the modern bride! Playing up any and all angles is a great way to get a modern feel to your wedding. Opt for an asymmetrical bouquet of orchids, calla lilies, and pin cushions for a look sure to impress your guests. It’s all about the lighting! Sure, submerging a stack of calla lilies in a clear cylinder container is great, but add a LED light underneath to pump up the energy and add an unexpected flare!

Now, a frequent concern of many brides is what flowers are in season when and how to use those flowers in a color palette appropriate for the time of year. For winter brides who are all about the glam, deep purple hydrangeas, accompanied by Picasso calla lilies and dainty, but show stopping stephanotis is a great choice; accent with silver broaches to add some glitz. If you are a winter bride getting married around the holidays, play up on those colors as most venues will have their own decorations out as well. Red amaryllis accented with roses, hypericum berries, and a touch of holly is a classic holiday combination.

Spring, the unofficial wedding season. Blush peonies adorned with dusty miller make any mint bridesmaid dress look spectacular. If you really want a wedding exemplifies the spring season yellow daffodils and an array of red, pink, and yellow tulips are a staple of the season.

When it comes to a summer wedding, there really are no rules. If you are going for a down home, outdoor picnic vibe try using a variety of zinnias, sunflowers, and fever few daisies. Accent with butterfly weed and mountain mint to complete this look! If you are more of a beachy bride- play on the colors of sea glass using white hydrangeas, blue delphiniums, and  white freesia. Accent with driftwood and mission accomplished.

Last, but certainly not least, the fall bride. With so many beautiful choices for all it can be overwhelming. To bring in the rich jewel tones of fall try using marsala dahlias with orange roses and ivory mums. Pair with an emerald dress or napkin- talk about a pop of color! If you are a more neutral bride, try white dahlias, Sahara roses, and white ranunculus. Bring in natural elements, such as pheasant feathers and pinecones to add an unexpected punch to your florals.

No matter what look your are going for- there is a color and flower vibe out there just for you, there truly are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding florals!

For more inspirational ideas, contact The Flower Shop at 410-604-3860 or visit them at 101 Dundee Aveune, Suite 100, Chester, MD 21619 or

Seasoned with Love… DIY

D-I-Y Eastern Shore Style is all about putting a personal touch on your special day. This issue’s idea, “SEASONED WITH LOVE,”makes not only a creative wedding favor and late night snack bar, but can also be used at your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. Harris Crab House and Seafood Market in Grasonville is not only a wonderful Eastern Shore style venue for your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower, their custom seafood spice blend packets make creative gifts with an Eastern Shore flare. Call 410-827-9500 for pricing, ordering or scheduling your rehearsal dinner.

Order Harris Crab House’s Custom Seafood Spice Blend and Turn Them Into a D-I-Y Eastern Shore Style with These Few Simple Ideas:

-Create a custom sticker with your names, wedding date and “Seasoned with Love” to give as favors at your wedding or any pre-wedding event. Offer the recipients ideas for their seasoning packets:
Enjoy Your Seasoning Sprinkled On
Deviled Eggs – Popcorn – Party Mix – Croutons – Corn-on-the-Cob – Shrimp – Fried Chicken Coating – Scrambled Eggs – French Fries – Sauteed Vegetables  – Alfredo Sauce – Soups
Mix in your favorite: Dry Rubs – Potato Dishes – Cole Slaw – Guacamole – Condiments – Egg, Shrimp or Chicken Salad

– Be creative when displaying these! Try decorating a crab pot and displaying your custom seasoning packets in this inviting display.

– Have a Bloody Mary Bar at your event and rim the glasses with the seasoning blend. Then have packets displayed for guests to take. Be sure to include your favorite Bloody Mary recipe on a tag.

-Are you having a midnight snack bar at your wedding? Feature french fries, party mix and popcorn all sprinkled with the seasoning at your snack bar. If the party is still hopping, serve some Eastern Shore brewed beer (like RAR Beer) with the salty snacks.

– Have an Eastern Shore style shrimp boil for your bridal shower or engagement party. These are fun, relaxing way to enjoy your guests. Shrimp boils also make a tasty avenue for Harris’s seasoning, not to mention another creative way to give your decorated seasoning packets as gifts.

-Have out-of-town guests? Make a “Welcome Basket” with snacks seasoned with the spice blend, a packet of seasoning, bottled
drinks and a photo of your fiance and you holding a  “Welcome” sign. Be sure to include a few ideas and details to entertain your guests along with contact information or a friend or family member that can answer any questions they may have. Don’t give them your number, you’ll be too busy getting ready for your  special day!

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