Area Firms Narrowed To Evaluate Sewer & Water Study For Southern Kent Island Communities

Under the direction of the Queen Anne’s County Commission, the Department of Public Works received nine submissions in response to a Request for Proposals to conduct a study of the impacts associated with providing sewer and water services to existing southern Kent Island communities along Maryland Route 8. The communities include Tower Gardens, Kent Island Estates, Romancoke, Queen Anne Colony, Kentmorr, Sunny Isle of Kent, Chesapeake Estates, Normans and Matapeake Estates.

A selection committee, consisting of senior staff members, a County Commissioner and the Vice-Chairman of the Public Works Advisory Board reviewed and short-listed the proposals to three finalists; Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Greeley & Hansen and Daft, McCune & Walker. These firms will be interviewed by members of the selection committee and asked to submit final cost proposals. The selection committee is scheduled to update and give a final recommendation to the Public Works Advisory Board at its September 10th meeting. A presentation to the Board of County Commissioners will follow in late September.

The Department of Public Works prepared a comprehensive Request for Proposals in conjunction with their 15-member Public Works Advisory Board. The RFP identifies six independent options ranging from serving all existing homes and vacant lots to providing service only to existing homes in established communities. All of these communities have been designated as “public health service areas” in the County’s Comprehensive Water & Sewerage Plan due to poorly performing septic systems. The study will consider the impacts of such a project including, environmental, stormwater runoff, drainage, traffic, water supply, schools and public safety. The study also includes a significant legal component that will address the implications associated with limiting growth.

For more information contact Todd R. Mohn, P.E., Director of Public Works or Alan L. Quimby, P.E., Chief Sanitary Engineer.