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I started my business part time while I was still in high school after which I decided to pursue my childhood dream and become a full time photographer. I love making my clients (friends) happy with beautiful memories they can treasure for a lifetime. I like to avoid stiff poses and try to capture who my clients really are. I want our sessions to be fun and unique. I love doing previews after a session because my clients get so excited once they see a few sneak peeks.

My sunflower logo has special significance for me. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers, but, more importantly, they remind me about grandmother… my best friend and biggest supporter. She passed away from cancer in 2014, and I wanted to have a piece of her in my business.

When you can’t find me behind my camera, I am at home or going on adventures with my very handsome man and our two dogs, Leo and Bella. If you book with me there is a possibility you will meet Bella. She’s a great attention grabber with young children and babies.

What’s new in wedding photography? Many brides and grooms look for light and bright images when they choose a wedding photographer.

What are the latest trends in photography? This year, first looks seem to be popular, and most ceremonies are outdoors. Rustic themes such as barn backgrounds and warm tones are popular for engagement photos and weddings.

What questions should a bride and groom ask a potential wedding photographer and how should they prepare? Couples should already have an idea of the photographer’s style before they meet. Questions couples should ask the photographer: Do you have insurance? Do you have backup equipment? What makes you unique? What is your turnaround time? How much experience do you have photographing weddings and working in a variety of settings and lighting conditions? How would you describe your style? Do you offer a second shooter?

What can the bride and groom provide that makes it easier for a photographer to understand what the couple is looking for? It is helpful to share a pinterest board or wedding planner showing your wedding style and sample images/poses. It is also important for the photographer to know the number of people in the bridal party to help with posing. Share how you met; it may spark an idea that is unique to your style as a couple.

What are some shots brides and grooms never think to ask for? Many couples don’t think about photographing the details of their wedding. Ask for detail shots of flowers, rings, invitations, decor, etc. Also, the bride’s father gets a lot of photographic attention by default. Couples may want to ask for intimate family shots with the moms.

What are some ideas for shots that are unique to the Eastern Shore? The Eastern Shore is all about rustic and country themes, portraying the shore lifestyle on the bay/rivers or farms, and putting that into poses.

What should you expect from a wedding photographer and your wedding portfolio? You should expect a variety of shots, from getting ready to the reception. Although light and bright “Golden Hour” photos are popular now, you should also expect to see a variety of lighting situations such as daytime light or evening or night time light in their portfolio.

What are some of your favorite settings for good photos? Definitely outdoors whether by the water, in the woods, or in a field of beautiful sunflowers. Natural light is key, and the timing is usually best an hour before sunset, or the “Golden Hour.”

Do you have a “checklist” to help couples ensure they get all the shots they want? I have a questionnaire I have my couples fill out before their wedding. It includes a shot list, vendors and their information, where they are honeymooning, family list and much more!