And The Thunder Rolls….Kent Narrows Racing Association Revs Up the Sport of Power Boat Racing

By Avra Sullivan

Driving over the Kent Narrows Bridge, it’s become a common sight to see power boats gunning across the wakes. The Narrows, once a thriving power boat community, has been re-vamped by the Kent Narrows Racing Association which seeks to restore interest and promote the sport of power boat racing. Officially becoming a boating club in 1990, the KNRA has helped the Narrows once again be known for the sport of powerboat racing. In addition, the group helps to increase area growth and expansion by teaming with local business owners as well as providing fun and exciting events for the residents. Local businesses that sponsor race events include Red Eye’s Dock Bar, Queenstown Bank, Fisherman’s Inn, Case Marine and many others. Volunteers also help out with various duties during events.

The club is a part of the American Power Boat Association which is the governing body for all power boat racing in the US. The APBA sanctions races, registers records set, assists with insurance needs and promotes and regulates the sport. Not only centered on power boating, KNRA invests back to the community. Last Christmas they were able to provide gifts, food and clothing to several local families in need thanks to the generous donations of their members.

KNRA members consist of individuals who enjoy the sport of power boat racing both at the helm, and as a spectator. Even those who may not actively participate in the sport can help the KNRA increase the Narrows’ impact as a popular Maryland destination, support local businesses, and have a say in the local activities and image of Kent Narrows. A glimpse at the KNRA’s website will tell you that race teams here in this area are well and active. Many have been involved with power boat racing for 25, 45 and even 50 years! Our hometown Captains hail from Centreville, Queenstown, Chester, Stevensville and Annapolis areas.

The Kent Narrows Power Boat Association hosts and engages in several boating events and festivities throughout the year including their widely popular Thunder on the Narrows, this year in its 22nd running. The race will take place on June 9-10 beginning at 10am, at the Kent Island Yacht Club. The event will feature local teams and is set to be high speed fun for the whole family. There are several race categories, vintage boats, great food including their “famous” roast beef sandwiches, local vendors and of course, plenty of speed for up-close racing action! Tickets for this event are $7 for adults and kids under 12 are free. More information about Thunder on the Narrows Race and the Kent Narrows Racing Association can be found on their website at