Andover Media Serves the Eastern Shore Proudly

Kent County, Maryland is a special place for many reasons; be it the beauty of its waterways, the fruitfulness of its agriculture, the history of the land, or the quality of its people. It acts the home to many small businesses, offering the opportunity for business leaders to open their doors to the public and grow their services to fit the ever changing needs of the community. Justinian Dispenza of Andover Media, a Galena based media company, has shown how well a new business can both survive and thrive in Kent County.

Hayden Chance and Aaron Maloney started Andover Media primarily as a service to aid musicians across Delmarva, starting off as a recording studio over five years ago. Two years ago Dispenza joined Andover Media, bringing along his extensive experience in photo and video services to the company. Chance and Maloney were both a part of a band, a deciding factor in their location, as oftentimes musicians would have to travel to metropolitan areas in order to record. They decided to support local artists with a space to grow their ability and credibility thanks to the recording studio meant to encourage Delmarva musicians. Dispenza’s addition was a natural one to maintain the growth of a business meant to support musical artists.

“Before I joined Andover Media I had been across the world performing several videography and documentary projects,” Dispenza said. “I want to be able to bring my international experience to a small community and help fill a niche that existed before Andover Media’s arrival on the scene.”

Growing more, Andover Media has begun performing photography and videography for events such as weddings and other marketing projects. Currently a large portion of Andover Media’s business is performed in D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia, but Dispenza hopes to do more with locals here on the Eastern Shore in the future.

“Our vision is to continue expanding to meet people’s needs, but more importantly to keep our projects on the Eastern Shore,” Dispenza said. “We have a lot of experience in our fields and we want to be able to give that to the community.”

While not all their work is local, Dispenza said Andover Media is keeping busy, having booked 60 weddings over the 2018 season. In addition to this Andover Media and Shore Studios have recently come together to complete a documentary for Washington College. Andover Media is striving to make connections with other local businesses through collaborative efforts, or networking events such as the Chamber’s own monthly Business After Hours.

“We’ve been working hard to meet and interact with more people in the community,” Dispenza said. “I don’t have the roots here that many people do, so I have to network a lot to continue meeting people in the community; but that hasn’t stopped our success.”

Andover Media has been recognized by both The Knot and My Eastern Shore Wedding for the high level quality their photos and videography have brought for several brides across the Delmarva area. The Eastern Shore is a prime wedding location, and Dispenza’s videos only serve to highlight the beauty of the area.

“Staying in Kent County was a deliberate choice we made,” Dispenza said. “We love to do business with locals because of how special this area is, and how well suited Kent County is to appearing on camera and video. Almost everyone who lives here knows it’s a beautiful place, and I want to capture their beautiful moments here as well.”

Andover Media is currently booking for 2019, for more information visit them at