Ask an expert with Bridges Restaurant

What should a couple think about when selecting a venue for their rehearsal dinner?

 Select a venue close to the rehearsal location and to hotels of out-of-town guests. You may want to add a cocktail hour to allow all of your guests time to arrive. With the next day being so important, a less ‘spirited’ evening is usually in order. Most hosts opt for beer and wine selections to be offered to guests.

What should I think about when selecting my rehearsal dinner menu?

 Make sure that the menu you are selecting compliments the food being served at the wedding rather than repeating or overshadowing it. Consider preselecting all but the main course with “crowd pleaser” options. For example, Bridges Restaurant recommends serving our famous Spinach and Arugula Salad as a first course option. A relaxed environment with thoughtful planning is key to a stress-free evening.  

What if a couple wants a more non-traditional, casual rehearsal dinner?

Cocktail party themed events take the stress out of planning a formal seated dinner. A selection of heavy hors de oeuvres stationed around a beautiful waterfront venue is the perfect way to celebrate. A more casual event allows families to meet, mingle and relax before the big day.

What should a couple think about when sending invitations to the rehearsal dinner?

 Send your invitations out close to when the wedding invitations are sent so that your guests can plan their schedules around all activities. Make it clear that each invited guest must select their menu options. Don’t forget to invite the officiant and spouse or significant other. They may not choose to attend; however, it’s the polite thing to do.
Bridges is here to help… Plan your rehearsal dinner with the venue coordinator so that you can spend your time meeting, greeting and enjoying your guests. Casual self-seating is the standard for rehearsals and tables of 6 or 8 make for easier conversation. Communicate all important information to the venue coordinator to enjoy a stress-free evening.