Ask an Expert with Cindy Bliss

Do I need a skincare routine?

Yes you should start as early as a year out if possible with a skin care system. Products designed to work together. This will ensure you have healthy, radiant skin for your big day!

What products create a Skincare system?

A good skincare routine should includes a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, moisturizer and a foundation to protect the skin.
Skincare is like brushing your teeth, twice daily is best practice to cleanse, tone and moisturizer. Light exfoliating twice a week and protect daily with a foundation.

My dress is a low back, can I use the same skincare products on my back?YES absolutely! And on your upper arms if needed! 

Does tanning damage my skin?

Yes, tanning and or burning are actually damaging you skin. The sun’s UV rays pierce the skin and cause damage to your DNA. Use a safe self tanner or spray tan. 

I get facials monthly do I still need a skincare routine?

YES! Having a professional facial is great but maintain the skin with a skincare routine between facials will help keep your skin healthy and the results from the facial will last longer.