Atlantic Broadband Doubles Speed of Entry-level Internet Service

Atlantic Broadband announced today that it is improving its entry-level, Starter Internet service by doubling its speed to 1 megabit per second (mps) downstream – effective Tuesday, June 8.

The faster speed comes at no additional charge and will be activated automatically for all Atlantic Broadband Starter Internet service customers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They need do nothing to begin enjoying all the benefits of the faster service.

“We are pleased to bring Atlantic Broadband Starter Internet customers a vastly improved online experience without the need to upgrade to a higher level of service,” said Atlantic Broadband Senior Vice President and General Manager Joe DiJulio. “Now they can swap photos online, download music and software, play more online games and open their favorite Internet sites much faster than ever before.”

For those who need even more speed, Atlantic Broadband’s offers Preferred service, at 5 mbs, and Max service, at 8 mbs – faster than Verizon’s mid-level and top-speed DSL offerings.

“For everyday Internet users who are looking for a faster, reliable way to access the Web and perhaps have multiple users at home, our Preferred service – particularly when bundled with video or phone service, or both – offers great performance at a very attractive price,” DiJulio said. “And for power users, including those who work from home, frequently stream video, or download and share large files online – and want do it all in a matter of seconds – our Max Internet service is unbeatable.”

Atlantic Broadband is continually upgrading its broadband network to provide more and better services, like new cable TV channels, more HD and low-cost unlimited phone service.

Since arriving in Maryland six years ago, Atlantic Broadband’s network upgrades brought local consumers the area’s first high-speed Internet service and, since then, several speed increases. The company also introduced the free Netsafe Internet security suite; more email accounts; and a new free “smart” home page, individually customizable with online email access and sports, news and local weather content. Also added have been new optional services TOTALMusic for affordable legal music downloads, and VIP Pass with premium news, sports, information and online game services.

Last December, Atlantic Broadband provided all its Internet customers with no-extra-charge access to the service, providing 24/7 live online video coverage of more than 3,500 global sports events, including extensive college football and basketball coverage. Viewers can pause, rewind and fast-forward and toggle between as many as 15 live sports events.

Atlantic Broadband serves 22,000 customers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (Queen Anne’s, Talbot and Kent counties) and northern Delaware.

Atlantic Broadband is ranked as the 15th largest cable operator in the United States. The privately held company is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, with over 700 employees and 286,000 customers located in four operating regions: central Pennsylvania, Miami Beach, Maryland/Delaware, and Aiken, SC. Additional information is available at