Avoiding Foreclosure and Keeping Your Home

As foreclosure cases continue to build on Queen Anne’s County court dockets, homes being foreclosed upon within our neighborhoods is becoming an increasing concern for area residents. Foreclosure numbers have increased in the past few months to the rate of over 8  cases per week and are not slowing down. Concern is not only for those losing their home, but for the impact that empty, ownerless homes will have upon our communities.

Ms. Beth Jacobson, Foreclosure Prevention Project Coordinator for Mid-Shore Pro Bono, helps to assist homeowners in Queen Anne’s and  surrounding counties who find themselves behind on their mortgage payments or are already in the foreclosure process, including those already in court. As a public service, Beth deals directly with homeowners at no cost, defining for them the resources at hand for loan modification as well as other means to defend against foreclosure.  If you or someone you know is behind on their payments, anticipates being behind, or is already in foreclosure proceedings, Pro Bono and Community Care Project can help with delaying the process and assisting with refinance or loan modification.

Call Community Care Project for how to proceed: 410 8278639 or 410 8270579. Community Care Project is a grassroots citizens’ group in QA County helping neighbors through the recession