CBMM Welcomes Easton Elementary Students For Crab Cakes Program

Third-graders from Easton Elementary School participate in the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s (CBMM) Crab Cakes program and “sort through the daily catch” with CBMM’s Assistant Director of Education Kate Livie. The program uses hands-on activities to teach students about the Chesapeake blue crab and its journey from the Bay to the table, focusing on the people who earn their livelihood from the crabbing industry. Students have a chance to walk in their shoes crewing on a crab dredge boat, operating a trotline, picking stuffed crabs at a packing house, and various other hands-on activities. Through a partnership with Talbot County Public Schools (TCPS), the Museum’s Crab Cakes program is offered to all of TCPS’s 3rd grade students.