DIY Eastern Shore Style Give Your Guests the Expected… In Unexpected Ways

It’s time to come up with your signature spin on the Eastern Shore’s delicious food. As you decide what culinary delight to focus on, it’s not long before your mouth is watering for crabs, oysters, Smith Island cakes and the herbs and spices of Old Bay seasoning.
Why not serve a late night snack bar featuring Old Bay in unexpected ways? When the dancing kicks into high gear, roll out an Old Bay snack bar and fantastic local craft beer. The two are a match made in heaven… just like you and your new groom.
Try seasoning the following with Old Bay:PopcornDeviled EggsCereal Snack MixFrench FriesRoasted Peanuts & PretzelsChicken WingsFried Pickles
Serve the snacks in rustic tin containers or unique glass bowls and on platters to match. Be sure to label each treat for guests and grab a variety of disposable containers for guests to fill with their favorite treats. Save the serving containers and convert them into serving dishes for parties you host as a married couple… making a life-long memory of your special day.
For an easy and fun ay to decorate your snack stand, buy a container of Old Bay for each guest and attach a label with your names, wedding date and sentiment.

The Perfect Pairing for Your Old Bay Snack BarBull and Goat Brewery204 Banjo Lane, Suite ECentreville MD,
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