Erase Name Calling

What a great “Erase Name Calling” Poetry Contest at Saints Peter and Paul Elementary School! Pre-K through First Grade wrote class poems, while second through eighth grades wrote individual poems. The theme ideas varied but focused on friendship, hope, cooperation, problem solving, and teamwork. We had all types of poetry including acrostic, haiku, cinquain, rap, and just rhyming fun. Our rubric included use of an appropriate poetic form, vocabulary usage, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, illustration, and overall effort. All poetry has been displayed on our hallway bulletin boards or doors with one blue ribbon winning individual poem chosen from each class.

The class poem titles:
Pre-K: “Getting Along” and “Let’s Be a Friend”,
Kindergarten: “Cooperation, Working Together” and “The Nice Names of K-2”,
First Grade: “Friendship”.
The blue ribbon winners:
Second Grade: Rachel Andrew “Friendship”, Preston Evans “Hopeful”,
Third Grade: Abigail Silva “Friendship means to me…honesty,” Cole Mister “Friendship”
Fourth Grade: Samuel Carter “Hopeful”, Madison Rudder “Faithfulness”
Fifth Grade: Sophia Marciniak “When Someone is Nice…”, Madison Masterson “You Were Always There…”
Sixth Grade: Emily Zwobot “Never Be a Bully to Others”, Kelsey Foster “Why Name Calling is Wrong”
Seventh Grade: Jack Singelstad “No Name-Calling Rap”, Annie Ray “Erase Name Calling”
Eighth Grade: Savannah Masterson “No Name Calling”, and Katherine McGeehan “Name Calling.”

Name Calling Rap
by Jonathan Singlestad
So you want to go diss on someone that you don’t like?
Well I’m telling you it hurts them and it’s not right.
Put yourself in their shoes and understand their plight.
It’s circling around and around their head every day and night.

You’re ruining their lives stop making up excuses.
For all the pain you’re causing, those marks and bruises.
It’s really a shame that you’re playing this cruel game.
The pain you’re inflicting when you’re shouting out mean names.
Think about your actions before you give their feelings another shove.
Stop spreading rumors start spreading the message of love.

Friendship means to me:
by Abigial Silva
Hours of laughter!
Old or new, a friend is true!
Never alone when you have a friend.
Encourages me to be my best.
Sticks around in good times and in bad.
Tells the truth.
You’ve got a friend in me!”

Never be a Bully to Others
by Emily Zwobot
Never bully.
Act kind and not mean.
Many people should not judge but love.
Even if someone bullies you do not bully.

Caring is better than name calling.
Always appreciate others.
Live without being a name caller.
Like others and you will not be bullied.
I will not bully others.
Never say mean names.
God would not want bullying to be.