Go Green While Sailing the Ocean Blue: Scandia Marine First To Offer Eco-friendly Engine

By Avra Sullivan

With the emphasis these days on being environmentally aware and active, many industries are looking for ways to promote “green” ideas. Boating is no exception. Scandia Marine, right here on Kent Island, is proud to be the only dealer on the East Coast that has in stock, the new Lehr Inc. propane powered engine. First introduced in February of this year, at the Miami boat show, Scandia Marine owner Erik Lostrom and his wife Marty, saw the engine demo-ed and wanted on board. “We immediately thought that this is the future of small outboards.” says Marty. The many benefits are with no gasoline, and no ethanol, there are zero emissions, and no pollutions in the water and soil. Since propane burns clean, it also does not have the corrosive effects in machinery that ethanol does. “Many clients purchasing these have gone through major outboard repair.” Says Marty. These engines are also 10-15lbs lighter than traditional gas models and do not need a choke or primer. “It’s a great product to use in a dingy coming off a larger boat.” Maintenance is also decreased. Oil changes once needed every year, can go down to every 3 years. Because they work directly with Lehr Inc., Scandia Marine not only has these engines in stock at their store, they can offer a demo to a buyer and full information on the mechanics of the machine. They also will be able to offer servicing and repairs.

Scandia Marine is located at 910 Kentmorr Road at the Kentmorr Marina in Stevensville. You can find out more about the propane engine or all the services Scandia offers by calling 410-643-0037 or visiting their website at www.scandiamarineservices.com.