Help with Your Hair for Your Special Day

Marshal Hartman of Atelier Aveda Salonspa + Barber
answers your questions about hair for your special day

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Should a bride do a trial run? When? What questions should she ask during trial run?
Absolutely a bride should do a trial to make sure her vision matches reality. We recommend that brides book their trial no more than 6-8 weeks before the wedding to make sure major changes don’t happen to their hair (color or cut) or their ideas don’t change between the trial and the day of. There aren’t many questions a bride should ask but the bride should come ready to openly communicate. If you’re not liking a direction, say so! There’s nothing worse than getting all the way through the trial before voicing your opinion that you don’t love it after you’ve realized that early on. Don’t be afraid to speak up, this is a trial run to figure out what works for you!

What should the bride bring to the appointment?
I always suggest brides bring in at least 2 if not 3 ideas for what they’d like their hair and what they’d like their makeup to look like to their trial. Sometimes what looks amazing in a photo doesn’t end up looking amazing on every person’s face shape or hair texture so having 1 or 2 backups helps the process. Aside from that be sure to wear a button up shirt that can easily be taken off. If there is a specific lipstick that you are set on wearing on your wedding bring that to your trial AND the day of and bring your favorite tube of waterproof mascara.

Should the bride bring her accessories?
ALWAYS bring hair accessories… even the veil if available. We have to test the accessories in the hair. Sometimes the most beautiful antique comb has to be scratched because the bride’s hair texture might be too fine to support it and if that’s your something old you need time to make a plan B!

How should the bride prepare for the trial and wedding day appointment?
For both just make sure to come with an open mind, clean and air-dryed hair and a clean face.

What styles tend to hold the best for the longest period of time?
Anything that is styled fully up and that is classic in style. Downstyles tend to lose their shape thanks to gravity as the night goes on. Classic styles always tend to hold up well whether it’s a French twist or a chignon. There’s a reason they’re classics!

What styles are trending now?
The past 5 or so years have been DOMINATED by loose curls, texture, braids and rustic styles. We’re really starting to see a turn for more clean, polished looks. Classic and well done is always a good look, and many brides are going for a casual but still sleek and sophisticated style.

Do different hair types lend themselves to certain styles?
If your hair is curly then you hit the jackpot! Curly hair tends to hold styles much better because of the way the hair is structured.

I can’t decide how I want to wear my hair… suggestions?
Pinterest! Pinterest is our best friend. You can see THOUSANDS of photos. Make a board for wedding hair and pin every wedding hair that you like. Then go through it and start looking for common themes and trends. You’ll easily figure out what you like and what you don’t like that way.

What suggestions do you have for the groom?
We LOVE groomsmen parties. For the longest time the ladies have gotten all of the fun. We have a full service men’s barber lounge that’s perfect for hosting a groomsmen party for beard trims, straight razor shaves and haircuts but can also do all of that on location. Nothing ruins a wedding photo more than a groom’s best friend from college with a full neck beard situation going on.

A lot of brides forget to eat the day of their wedding. Whatever you do, eat a full breakfast before coming in. You’re already stressed, probably two cups of coffee deep;  being hungry can make everything 500X more intense.