KIFA Offering Knitting Classes

Sue Wright a Master Knitter, certified by the Knitting Guild of America, and a certified Knitting Instructor, will be teaching Diagonal Knitting in her upcoming class beginning March 12. The class is a 3 session workshop continuing through April 9, 2011.

Wright’s interest in fiber arts is of long duration, completing her first hand knit sweater at age eleven. Throughout her lifetime she has taken instruction from world class instructors and designers, including author Sally Melville and designer Lily Chin. She has been teaching beginning and experienced knitters at Artworks in Chestertown, MD for the last eleven years while serving as co-chair of the Textile Studio there.

The thing that made knitting so immediately popular when it was invented over twelve hundred years ago is what makes it popular even today: its simplicity. With two sticks and some string, you can create literally make any article of clothing. More important than its creative aspects, knitting is known to provide stress relief. Herbert Benson, MD, a professor at Harvard Medical School and author of The Relaxation Response, says “Like meditation or prayer, knitting allows for the passive release of stray thoughts.”

This is a class is for experienced knitters and will be taught at the KIFA gallery, 405 Main Street in Stevensville. For more information call 410.643.7424 or go to

For more information call Kent Island Federation of Arts at 410.643.7424 or go to