Lend A Hand – Meet Todd Wilhiot: Maryland’s Fight Against Cancer

By Avra Sullivan

With far too many of his family members having had, and in some cases succumbed to cancer, Todd Wilhoit had had enough. It was time to fight back. He along with a close friend, who also had lost loved ones to cancer, started the group Maryland’s Fight Against Cancer, about 2 years ago. Much work has gone into the foundation of MFAC which stared as an idea to hold a huge party to raise money for those dealing with cancer. Since that idea took hold, they have established MFAC as a 501(c)3 and held several events throughout the year. Money raised has been donated to John Hopkins, Hospice of Queen Anne’s County, and to the Wellness House of Annapolis. Their first major even held at Big Bats last summer was a great success and their 2nd annual Block Party will be held Saturday June 23rd from 1-6pm at Big Bat’s in Stevensville. There will be live music, food, drinks and a moon bounce for the kids. “Right now getting our name out into the community is the biggest thing we can do”, says Todd. While he says the process of getting the organization up and running has been “incredibly time-consuming and hard work,” those battling cancer also have a “long, hard process.” The group’s dream is to host a huge, family friendly event where people dealing with the hardships of cancer can come, feel supported and have fun. In the process, they hope to raise money for both individual’s fighting cancer, and the hospitals and organizations that provide care for those struggling. Anyone wishing to help join MFAC as a volunteer or to make a donation can visit their website at www. Marylandsfightagainstcancer.org or find them on Facebook for information on upcoming events and ways to get involved.