Let Your Imagination Run Wild with a Serve Yourself Lemonade Bar

Whether you are having an alcohol-free reception or an open bar, a lemonade station is the perfect transition from the appetizer and mingling beginning of your reception until you move into the full fledge celebration. These bars can be designed as rustic with worn wood tables and mason jars to more modern with sleek glass tables and crystal, remembering that no matter what, it is all in the details.

The Basics:
• Have plenty of freshly made lemonade ready for serving. Consider pitchers with spouts so there is no lifting or spilling. It’s also good to make ice cubes out of the lemonade so it stays nice and cold and doesn’t get watered down.

• Buy plenty of straws in colors to match your theme. It’s a simple, fun touch that packs a big punch.

• Rim the glasses in colored sugar to add to the display and sweeten the lemonade. Be sure to keep this in mind when  making your recipe.

• Label all items on the table that are meant for adding to the drinks, especially herbs so guests know what things are.

The Extras:
• Pick three or four seasonal fruits for guests to choose from for adding to their drink. If you are serving alcohol, try soaking the fruit in vodka and set out for the guests to scoop into their lemonade. Be sure to mark this clearly, keep out of reach of children and leave some fruit “unsoaked” for those guests not drinking.

• Who doesn’t love old-fashioned rock candy or striped sticks? Buy some of these to match your color and flavor theme, and add them to the display for guests to use as stirrers.

• Purchase a few flavored syrups for guests to add to their lemonade, and be sure to grab pumps or pourers to make using them simple.

• Sprigs of basil, mint, pineapple sage and even tarragon make wonderful flavor additions and garnishes.

• A choice of iced tea also pairs well with this idea.

• Display a bunch of mini vodkas in different flavors for guests to add to their lemonade. You can also have chilled bottles of champagne available for making “lemonade mimosas.”

Offer simple instructions
on the bar depending on what items you have.

For instance,
Pucker Up and Mix Your Own! Grab a glass, add lemonade, 2 pumps of your favorite syrup and a mini bottle of vodka in your favorite flavor. Enjoy!