Mothers Day Wish

imagesMothers Day Wish

As we approach Mother’s Day, we believe that there is nothing more important to parents than having safe and healthy families. One way of accomplishing this is to talk to your children about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Let them know that your Mother’s Day wish is that they do not engage in underage drinking or the use of drugs.

It is important to know that parental disapproval and the perception of harm does decrease risky behavior. The more our children understand about the risks involved, the less likely they are to do it. So it is important to know and state the harms of alcohol and drug use to your kids.

In prevention, like news and media, we often see the focus on the negative. While unhealthy behaviors like drinking and drug use are common, they are not necessarily the behavior of the majority. Prevention research shows that when young people are told most kids are not drinking, they are surprised. Why? They (and we) see the headlines and hear bad news and assume most people are engaging in bad behaviors. This isn’t surprising with the infinite number of messages they receive on a regular basis through alcohol advertising, social media, movies, etc.

According to Talbot Partnership for Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention, research shows that when young people see that the majority of other young people are not engaging in risky behavior, they are less likely to do it themselves.

Share your Mother’s Day wish with your children. Let them know you do not condone underage alcohol or drug use and share with them your vision for their future.

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