New Orleans Jazz Comes to Wye Mills

Celebrate the warmth of spring after a winter of blizzards with “A Hot Time in New Orleans” at the Old Wye Parish House in Wye Mills on Saturday, April 10 at 7:30 p.m.  Cancelled due to snow at Mardi Gras time, “Bags” Howard and his Riverside Carnival Band will put you in the mood for spring and summer with their happy and energetic “hot time” New Orleans jazz. The band features “Bags” on trumpet accompanied by his fellow jazz musicians on banjo, trombone, tuba and clarinet.  The Riverside Carnival Band is a favorite at musical and social events in the Baltimore-Washington area.  Following the performance, the audience is invited for refreshments.

“A Hot Time in New Orleans” is the last of four concerts presented by Music at Wye this season.  The popular performances have ranged from instrumental to vocal, from sacred to secular, from classical to jazz.  The historic (1721) Old Wye Church and its Parish Hall, where the concert will take place, are located at 14114 Old Wye Mills Road (Route 662) in Wye Mills.  Tickets are available at the door for $15.00 each.  The performance is free for season ticket holders.  For further information, call 410.827.8484.