QAC Volunteers Needed For One Day

The General Assembly has tasked the Maryland Insurance Administration with drafting a new homeowner’s insurance disclosure to help Marylanders understand what is covered and what is generally excluded from their homeowner’s insurance policies. The need for this has become apparent as a result of MIA’s interactions with consumers after recent natural disasters – where the consumer was unaware of what their policies covered and what they did not cover, especially in regards to flooding.

This new homeowner’s insurance disclosure is an attempt to provide this information in the most easy-to-understand format possible for the Maryland homeowner.

MIA is looking for consumer testing groups to review this disclosure and give feedback as to the document’s effectiveness and clarity. Mia is trying to produce the most plain language document possible, and is asking Marylanders to help with this. This will consist of one interactive meeting, two hours maximum. The Queen Anne’s County Department of Community Service was asked to help provide a group of volunteers to assist in this task.

When & Where: May 14 at 10 a.m. Grasonville Senior Center, 4802 Main Street, Grasonville, MD, 21638. If you are able to volunteer, please call 410-827-6010 to register by May 10th. Immediately following the presentation an ice cream social will be held as part of volunteer appreciation time.