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Auxiliary Recognizes Service Award Recipients

MHE Auxiliary Awards Group 1 (400 x 288)The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary recently held its annual service awards luncheon at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford. The Auxiliary celebrated 216,750 hours of service volunteered by 100 members who reached service milestones in 2013.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary service award program recognizes members’ volunteer milestones. During the ceremony Marion Miller and Julie Wojcik were each honored for volunteering 18,000 hours. Other distinguished honorees were Pauline Lane and Elizabeth Lechthaler for 13,000 hours, Dolores Mothershead for 11,500 hours and Margaret Blair for 11,000 hours.

Other service awards were presented to Carolyn Behr, Codie Codispoti, Ernest Fisher, Joyce Kent, Ellicott McConnell, Sabine Simonson and Bertha Wilson (4500 hours); Else Ross (4000 hours); Iris Fricker, Janet Granger and Edith Hayman (3500 hours); Doralice Cassidy, Joyce Cohee, Alex Collins, Williams Jenkins, Carol O’Hare and Frances Sloane (3000 hours); Virginia Blades, Barbara Brown, Lorraine Kelly, Nan Newcomb, Irene Phillips and Mary Turkington (2500 hours); Janette Black, Juanita Haddaway, Virginia Lemon, Jackie Martino, Beverly Micklus and Barbara Reinhardt (2000 hours); Celia Bodmer, Bill Bruckner, Ruth Cecil, Karalene Councell, Sandle Engle, Nancy Espenhorst, Regina Holland, Valery Miller, Dorothy Palmer, Anita Rowan and Nancy Wolf (1500 hours); Anna “Polly” Carroll, Sonja Eades, Carolyn Gillman, Audrey Luetters and Florence Tarleton (1000 hours); Gail Black, Thomas Cronshaw, Joyce Doebler, Alice Engle, Lillian Hall, William Hough, George King, Christina O’Hara, Edna Pettit, Joan Sellers, Susan Silver and Noel Slattery (750 hours); Myrna Darragh, Pauline Figliozzi, Cecelia Laufert, Leslie Leadbeater, Joe Murphy, Ethel Palmer, Robert Savoie, Mary Seiter, Bernadette Serie, Joyce Wilhelm, Penny Womack and Eleanor Woolford (500 hours); Kathy Busen, Sandra Dunker, Elaine Eveland, Robert Gretzinger, Jean Hobbs, Norman Klug, Eileen Kornas, Mary Elizabeth Lacy, Annabel Lesher, Muriel Murphy, Barbara Runz, Eleanor Spurry, Elmira Weber, Ronald Weber and Gracie Wilson (250 hours); and Anna Brennan, Diane Daffin, Richard Douma, Erin Fee, Virginia Ann Harvey, Jane Hopkins, Mary McArtor, Genenieve Murray, Barbara Nickerson and Gretchen Smith (100 hours).

Since its establishment, the Auxiliary has been instrumental in raising funds for various hospital projects and services at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton. Auxiliary funds are primarily raised through sales at Maggie’s Gift Shop, located at the hospital, and at the Bazaar at 121 Federal Street, which accepts donations of gently used clothing, accessories and small household items that are resold at reasonable prices. Both retail establishments are managed and staffed by auxiliary volunteers. In addition, auxiliary volunteers are a resource in clinical areas both at the hospital and offsite, providing assistance to staff members, patients and visitors in multiple areas. Free blood pressure screenings are also provided to the community by Auxiliary volunteers every Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. until Noon at the Diagnostic and Imaging Center located at 10 Martin Court in Easton.

For additional information about volunteer opportunities with the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, visit www.shorehealth.org or call 410-822-1000, extension 5839.

In photo: The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary recently celebrated those members who reached service award milestones. 100 volunteers were recognized for 216,750 hours of service at the annual awards luncheon.


Alex Collins Named President of Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

Alex Collins of Easton, a member of the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, was recently elected as its president. Collins, who has served in a number of capacities for the Auxiliary since moving to the area in 1994, has a lengthy record of community service. Before being elected President, Collins served as a patient escort at Memorial Hospital and Vice President for the Auxiliary.

“I enjoy my time with the Auxiliary and look forward to working with my fellow volunteers to do what we can to help the hospital,” says Collins. “We are fortunate to have a very dedicated group of people who are passionate about what they do. I look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

A graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Collins received his law degree from the University of Michigan in 1963. A member of the Michigan and Colorado bar, Collins spent four years working in a Denver-based law firm before deciding to pursue his real passion of working in the outdoors. Collins had his own apple orchard in Michigan. He then served as president of two companies related to the fruit business. A member of the Army Infantry, Collins completed his military service in 1965 as Captain, receiving a commendation medal for his efforts.

In addition to his service with the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Collins was a past commodore of the Cruising Sailors of St. Michaels and past president and first vice president for the Michigan Horticultural Society. His current community service also includes volunteer work for Talbot Hospice. He also spent approximately 10 years as a crew leader with Habitat for Humanity Choptank.

“People like Alex are truly an inspiration to work with. Alex has quietly served the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and stepped up to help in whatever way he can,” says Patti Willis, Senior Vice President for External Relations, Communications and Marketing. “Mainstays like Alex Collins are truly at the heart of what we do as organization.We are so grateful for his continued service.”

Collins and his wife, Joan, have four children.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary was established in 1947 at the suggestion of the Hospital Board and its staff,. Fifteen civic minded women formed the nucleus of the then Junior Auxiliary. During the same year, units of the Auxiliary formed in Denton and Federalsburg. These units are now part of the main volunteer corps. Auxiliary volunteers have been instrumental in raising funds for many hospital projects.

Numerous volunteer opportunities are available with the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call the Auxiliary Office at (410) 822-1000, extension 5839. You can also visit www.shorehealth.org/volunteers.

Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Funds Cancer Care Equipment

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s 28th Annual Tree of Lights fundraiser met its goal to purchase equipment for the Requard Radiation Oncology Center of Shore Regional Cancer Center in Easton. Donations made to the auxiliary during the holiday season were used to fund a $5,800 quality assurance radiation monitor that calibrates the equipment used to deliver radiation therapy to patients.

The monitor is used by specially trained staff at the Requard Radiation Oncology Center to check the amount of radiation being generated from the machine that is used to treat cancer patients. The monitor also measures the shape and energy of the radiation beam that will penetrate the targeted tumor.

“By law we are required to take daily measurements that validate the performance of our two linear accelerators, the machines we use to deliver radiation treatments for cancer patients. Every morning, before we treat the first patient, we take a series of technically complex measurements to ensure that treatments are both safe and effective for each person who comes to our center,” says Phillip Sawyer, MS, lead medical physicist for the Requard Radiation Oncology Center. “Having this data helps us define even more precise dosage calculation and treatment delivery so that we can help ensure that the radiation received by our patients is the most effective dose possible.”

The new monitor also tracks the performance of the radiation machines and gives the physicists an early warning sign that service may be required.

“This monitor really helps us keep our linear accelerators in working order so we are less likely to have downtime and unnecessary appointment rescheduling for our patients,” says Brian Leutner, director of oncology services for Shore Health System. “We are grateful to the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary for their continued generosity to the Cancer Center.”

For more information about Shore Regional Cancer Center, call 410-820-6800 or visit www.shorehealth.org/services/cancercenter.

In photo: Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer Julie Wojcik looks on as Phillip Sawyer, MS, lead medical physicist for the Requard Radiation Oncology Center, reviews the daily data measurements collected by the quality assurance radiation monitor. The monitor was purchased by the Auxiliary through the 2011 Tree of Lights campaign.

Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Supports Easton Physical Therapy Program

Shore Rehabilitation at Easton added electric adjustable parallel bars to its inventory of physical therapy tools thanks to a donation from the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

The Performa™ electric parallel bars give the physical therapist the ability to quickly adjust the height of the bars to accommodate patients of different heights. The bars can also be quickly elevated as a patient simulates climbing steps by stepping up onto a box.

Therapists can use accessories with the parallel bars to enhance the patient’s coordination. For example, a balance beam can be attached to the platform for the patient to walk on between the bars. An abduction board is a plank that can sit vertically on edge between the feet to prevent either foot from pulling across the center line as the patient steps forward.

“The parallel bars and accessories are used by any patient who is having difficulty with walking or balance while walking,” says Frank Rath, PT, Manager of Outpatient Rehabilitation for Shore Health System. “We like to safely challenge the patient as much as possible. When the patient can meet that high challenge, walking across the room becomes a piece of cake.”

Shore Rehabilitation at Easton is located at 10B Martin Court on Idlewild Ave. For more information, call 410-820-3080 or visit www.shorehealth.org/services/rehabilitation/opeaston.shtml.

In photo: Shore Rehabilitation at Easton physical therapists Sara Lettelleir, PT, (left) and Kathleen McFadden, PT, (right) spot Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer Terry Stephan as she balances on a fitness training ball between the parallel bars.

Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Funds Physical Therapy Equipment for Denton

Shore Rehabilitation at Denton added a highly versatile training machine to its collection of physical therapy tools thanks to a donation from the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

The Keiser® Infinity Trainer is a multi-functional machine that can be used to exercise any part of the body in a variety of ways. With two adjustable arms to accommodate high and low positions and an assortment of attachments, the equipment gives patients the ability to work on range of motion, strength training, building muscle and power training.

The Infinity Trainer uses air-pressurized resistance, which the physical therapist can adjust by one-tenth of a pound within a range from zero to 106 pounds.

“All of our patients use this machine,” says physical therapist Lamont Thompson, DPT. “It’s called an infinity trainer because what you can do with it is limitless. Patients can work their arms, legs or torso. They can walk forward, backward or laterally with resistance. We use it a lot for post-stroke rehabilitation, following total joint replacements and for sports-specific training. There’s rarely an hour that goes by when we don’t use this machine. We’re grateful to have it.”

Shore Rehabilitation at Denton located at 920 Market Street offers physical, occupational and speech therapy for children and adults. For more information, call 410-479-3300 or visit www.shorehealth.org/services/rehabilitation/index.shtml.

In photo above: Shore Rehabilitation at Denton physical therapist Lamont Thompson, DPT, shows Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Treasurer Sandy Engle how to use the cable bar accessory with the Keiser Infinity Trainer. A donation from the Auxiliary was used to purchase this equipment for the Denton outpatient rehabilitation center.

Auxiliary Models Show Off Bazaar Fashions

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s fall meeting featured their annual Fashion Show that featured clothing and accessories from The Bazaar at 121 Federal Street, the Auxiliary’s upscale resale shop in Easton. Outfits ranged from casual wear to evening gowns, reflecting the range of merchandise available at The Bazaar.

The Bazaar operates to benefit the programs and services of Memorial Hospital. Retail shopping hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 am. to 4pm. Donations of gently worn women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and small housewares are accepted Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm and by calling 410-822-2031 for an appointment. Consignments are accepted by appointment only.

In photo above: MHE Auxiliary volunteer Lorraine Kelly models one of the dressy outfits showcased during the Auxiliary’s annual Fashion Show.

In photo: MHE Auxiliary volunteer Joyce Wilhelm models an ensemble versatile enough for business or evening wear that is available at The Bazaar at 121 Federal Street in Easton.

Chapel Dedicated to Longtime Auxiliary Volunteer

The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital held a special ribbon cutting and dedication recently to dedicate the Marian Miller All Faith Chapel. The Auxiliary renamed the chapel in honor of the longtime volunteer, who was recently recognized for over 16,600 hours of service. The chapel, which has served as a place to refuge and spiritual sanctuary for guests, patients and staff at the hospital for decades, has been the site of numerous baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special ceremonies. Mrs. Miller has spent countless hours tending to the altar, arranging fresh flowers and assuring that the chapel is maintained as a special place for staff and guests. In attendance at the dedication ceremony was Mrs. Miller, members of the Miller family, Auxiliary members and a number of friends and community members.

Auxiliary President Neal O’Shea spoke at the dedication, thanking Miller for her efforts.

“A few weeks ago, I was feeling under the weather and I got a card from you,” said O’Shea. “It made me feel special. You made me feel special. And that makes you very special.”

During the past 35 years, Mrs. Miller has dedicated her time and talents to the community in numerous ways.  Some of them include her involvement with her church; volunteering at her daughter’s school; and sitting with patients on the Hospice Program as well as her volunteer service for the Auxiliary, particularly in caring for the chapel.

“This represents your life’s work helping us to achieve our mission,” said Kenneth Kozel, President and CEO of Shore Health System. “You are an integral part of what we do.”

In photo: Cutting the ribbon at the dedication of the Marian Miller All Faith Chapel from left are Patti Willis, Senior Vice President, External Relations and Development; Neal O’Shea, President, Memorial Hospital Auxiliary; Marian Miller; Ken Kozel, President and CEO, Shore Health System; and Brian Childs PhD, Director of Ethics and Spiritual Care.

Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers Honored for Service Milestones

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary celebrated 268,250 hours of service volunteered by 117 members who reached service milestones in 2011. The service awards luncheon was held October 18 at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary service award program recognizes members’ volunteer milestones. During the ceremony Marion Miller and Diane Bisanar were honored for volunteering 16,500 hours, respectively. Other distinguished honorees were Julie Wojcik for 16,000 hours, Elizabeth Lechthaler and Dolores Mothershead, who have each volunteered 11,000 hours and Pauline Lane for 10,000 hours.

Other service awards were presented to Nancy Klapka for 9,500 hours; Margaret Blair for 9,000 hours; Carlyn Henschen for 8,000 hours; Susie Booze for 7,500 hours; Joyce Frigon and Joe Schultz for 7,000 hours; Debbie Hayes and Elva Pierce for 6,500 hours; Neal O’Shea and Irene Heller for 5,500 hours; Patsy Fearins and Gail Jenkins for 5,000 hours; Joan Catherwood and Maryalice Halley for 4,500 hours and Sabine Simonson and Terry Stephan for 4,000 hours.

These Auxiliary volunteers were also honored for attaining service milestones: Carolyn Behr, Mary Ann Clark, Codie Codispoti, Camille Kneale, Bob Sausser and Bertha B. Wilson (3,500 hours); Joyce Kent and Mildred Weislogel (3,000 hours); Janet Granger, Edith Hayman, Carol O’Hare, Irene Phillips, Brenda Prettyman and Colson F. Taylor (2,500 hours);  Doralice Cassidy, Lorraine Kelly and Frances Sloan (2,000 hours); Carole Anderson, Janette Black, Virginia Blades, Barbara Brown, Esther Burns, Maschell L. Hines and Nan Newcomb (1,500 hours); Doris E. Leverage, Carol O’Malley, Gary Nickerson, Elmer Parkerson, Harriett Riter and Sue Shortall (1,000 hours); Carol Arendse, Art Cecil, Ruth Cecil, Alex Collins, Ethel Mae Cronshaw, Virginia Curtin, Judith Dickhart, Carolyn Gillman, Margaret Green, Emilie Joshi, Audrey Luetters, Donald O’Brien, Anita Rowan and Joan Whiting (750 hours); Shari Anderson, Esther Carr, Anna “Polly” Carroll, Sandy Engle, Nancy Espenhorst, Douglas Gibson, Barbara Lundahl, Christina O’Hara, Mary Ann Ray, Barbara Reinhardt, Mary Shaughnessy, Susan Silver and Arden Somers; (500 hours); Gail Blac, Celia Bodmer, Thomas Cronshaw, Myrna Darragh, Bill Eyring, Pauline Figliozzi, John Furman, Regina Holland, Carol Johnson, Cecelia Laufert, Adrianna Lee, Ethel Palmer, Norman Schied, Edwina Schultz, Mary Seiter, Bonnie Soular, Ann Sprinkle, June C. Sullivan, Daniel Tanner, Joyce Wilhelm, Ann B. Willey, Penny Womack and Eleanor Woolford (250 hours); Peggy Bardelman, Jo Brunner, Kathy Busen, Lynn Coche, Robert Coleman, Sonja Eades, Alice Engle, Barbara Gardella, Frances Goeller, William Griffin, Norman Klug, Leslie Leadbeater, Shirley Merryweather, Barbara Runz and Eleanor Spurry (100 hours).

Comedy Show Sheds Light on Affairs of the Heart to Benefit Cardiac Care

A night of laughter devoted to affairs of the heart will benefit cardiac care at Shore Health System. “Defending the Caveman”, the longest running solo play in Broadway History, hits the stage October 22.

The night begins at 6:00 pm with a reception at Scossa Restaurant & Lounge, 8 N. Washington Street in Easton. At 8:00 p.m., the curtain goes up on “Defending the Caveman” at the Historic Avalon Theatre, 40 E. Dover Street.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is the presenting sponsor for the fundraiser, which benefits the Shore Health System cardiac equipment fund. Platinum sponsors for the event are the Widgeon Foundation and Bruce and Sandy Hammonds. Silver sponsors are Richard and Susan Granville and Delmarva Radiology. Bronze sponsors for the event are Susan and Jack Stoltz, Aberdeen Asset Management, Comfort Inn & Holiday Express, Judy Munn and Tri Gas & Oil.

This hilariously insightful play about the ways men and women relate is a one-man comedy show that finds humor is all of the ways people fight, laugh and love.

“We cannot think of a more perfect show to benefit our cardiac equipment fund here at Shore Health System than a show that playfully sheds light on affairs of the heart we can all relate to,” says Pat O’Shea, Director of Development for Shore Health System. “This is a perfect night out for couples and singles alike to have fun, learn a little, laugh a lot and benefit a cause that serves people throughout our community.”

Tickets for this Memorial Hospital Foundation event are still available for $60 per person for the “Defending the Caveman” performance only and $150 for the reception and performance. For sponsorship information and to purchase tickets, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5763.

In photo: Richard Robinson of the Widgeon Foundation, a Platinum Sponsor of the upcoming Defending the Caveman fundraiser, Pat O’Shea, Director of Development for Shore Health System and Richard Granville, a Silver Sponsor, stand with the official poster for the popular comedy show.

Auxiliary Offers Free Blood Pressure Screening in Easton

Volunteers from the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary offer free blood pressure screening three days a week at the Shore Health System Diagnostic and Imaging Center located at 10 Martin Court in Easton. This is a valuable service for people who are required to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis.

Auxiliary volunteers trained to measure blood pressure welcome walk-ins Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to noon, except holidays. No appointment or physician referral is necessary. Blood pressure results are forwarded to the patient’s physician. If a person is not under medical supervision and a blood pressure reading exceeds certain limits, the auxiliary volunteer may suggest a physician consultation.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is looking for additional volunteers to staff the blood pressure screening clinic.  Retired nurses and individuals with medical experience are ideal volunteers for this program. Training is available for those with no experience.

For more information about becoming a Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5839.