The Kings, 12 – 13 Year Old Boys Champions

After losing only one game all season, in the championships the Kings defeated the only team that beat them, the Bucks, in a thrilling overtime championship. From left to right and back to front; Jerry Jones-team statistician, Adam Rovenolt, Reese Masiello, Justin Crawford, Josh Goldberg, Mark Goldberg-Coach, Greg Jones- Coach, Tristan Pouliot, Greg Drummer, Bradley Jones, Matthew Woodward. The Kings won the 12-13 year old boys championship in over time by one point which gave them a finishing record of 10 – 1 for the season.  The team had a spectacular season.  All players contributed to the team’s success whether it was scoring, rebounding or execution of plays.

Queen Anne’s County Parks and Recreation recently finished the 2010 Basketball League season which saw 840 children, ages six to thirteen, playing on 97 teams countywide.