The Perfect Blend… DIY Eastern Shore Style

DIY Eastern shore style isn’t just all about seafood and beaches, although those do make us Shore Birds feel at home. Eastern Shore style is all about hospitality. What says hospitality better than a fresh brewed, steaming cup of hot coffee on a chilly day? Our DIY coffee station does!

Whether you’re serving coffee as guests arrive for a beautiful, outdoor fall ceremony or you set coffee out at the end of the festivities for your guests to enjoy as they prepare to leave, be sure to pay attention to all the details and your guests will feel your warmth.
Think outside the bean when preparing your DIY coffee station:
Be sure to offer decaf and hot chocolate or tea for your non-coffee drinkers. For a fall or winter wedding, it’s also nice to have a seasonal blend brewing.
Think fixins! Guests love DIY stations when they get to make their own drink. Set out marshmallows, cinnamon, peppermint, chocolate syrup, caramel, a variety of sweeteners, and whipped topping. Consider tying the display into your wedding theme: Use mason jars with matching ribbons to hold the add-ins for a farmhouse style wedding or make custom cups sleeves for high-quality paper cups.
You have the coffee set, but what about the doughnuts? Unless you’re using your coffee station in conjunction with your wedding cake/desserts, whole doughnuts might be a bit much. Instead, pierce coffee stirrer sticks with doughnut holes and guests can enjoy a small treat while stirring their toasty drink.
Leave a basket of packaged coffee for guests to take to prepare in the morning. Purchase small craft bags, fill with enough coffee for a single pot and then get creative! Match bag ties to your wedding theme, print “the Perfect Blend” stickers for each bag with directions and your names and wedding date.
Every idea here can be custom ordered from various web sites… but they can also be made quite simply with a little DIY heart.