The Picture Perfect Venue For Your Picture Perfect Day

After years of hosting bridal shows across the shore at different venues from woodsy pastoral to gorgeous waterside locales, we are excited to host this year’s spring Bridal Show at the Kent Island Yacht Club. Located in the heart of The Narrows, the Kent Island Yacht Club is a unique and special spot for your big day. The club is located on a small peninsula, completely surrounded by water on all but one side. Nearly everywhere you look you’ll find the sight of serene open water, local marine life, and boats cruising on the Chesapeake. 
The Kent Island Yacht Club has a waterside area perfect for your ceremony, and a ballroom that holds over a hundred guests, making it the perfect location for your dream wedding. You’ll even find a special private bride’s room and private bathroom, offering you some peace and relaxation before the excitement of your big day officially begins. The Kent Island Yacht Club has a lot of experience working with different local caterers and planners, so you know your big day will go off without a hitch. If you would like to learn more about the Kent Island yacht Club, you can visit their website at The Kent Island Yacht Club is a must-see venue for any couple interested in having their big day on the Chesapeake Bay!

If you could only give couples one piece of advice, what would it be?Don’t worry about hurting feelings with your guest list. Keep your guest list to only family and very close friends. You should know that every person who is there came because they love you both and want the best for you.What should couples try to avoid?Don’t overdo it; pick a few things that are most important to you and forget about the rest. Spend your money and your time on those few things. This will help you not go crazy.What makes the Kent Island Yacht Club a great wedding venue?The view is amazing on the peninsula of the Eastern Bay, with a wonderful breeze and located in the Kent Narrows. Surrounded by water on all three sides, there really isn’t anything like the Kent Island Yacht Club.

The Kent Island Yacht Club is located at 117 Yacht Club Drive in Chester. They can be reached at 410-643-4101 or Visit the Kent Island Yacht Club web site at to learn more about what they have to offer for your special day including a gallery of pictures of their beautiful location and the very special private bride’s room.