The Rotary Clubs of Easton and St. Michaels Deliver Dictionaries To Local Easton Third Graders

The Easton and St. Michaels Rotary Clubs are known for being a part of so many different projects in and around Talbot County. They are a vital part of ongoing projects such as Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and Adopt a Highway.  One of the Rotary’s favorites is called “The Dictionary Project “. It is a national project whose sole purpose is to place dictionaries into the hands of every third grade student throughout the country. Recently, the Rotary Clubs joined together to do their part in the national effort and delivered Talbot County third graders with their very own dictionaries.” The students are thrilled to have such an important book, their very own dictionary. It was a delight to put the power of words into those kids’ hands, how amazing!” said Manning Lee a participant in the project.

The Rotary Clubs joined with “The Dictionary Project” in 2002 Since that date have delivered over 3,500 dictionaries to Easton Elementary School, Chapel District Elementary School, White Marsh Elementary School, The Country School, Saints Peter and Paul School, and St. Michaels Elementary School.

“The Dictionary Project”, itself was officially started in Charleston, South Carolina in 1995 with Mary French and her husband who, as parents and volunteers in the school system, saw the value and need to give out dictionaries to students in the Charleston area. Because of their immediate success, in 1997, they expanded “The Dictionary Project’s” mission from all third graders in South Carolina to all third graders in the United States.

The Dictionary Project and Easton Rotary Club both agree that giving dictionaries is important because it helps them use the English language effectively, teachers are assisted in helping students become active readers, good writers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners.

Since 1995, there have been so many organizations, like the Easton Rotary Club, who have joined in with “The Dictionary Project”. They have placed over 12.5 million dictionaries into the hands of third graders.