Vinny Finds A Home After 293 Days At Talbot Humane

After 293 days at Talbot Humane, Vinny has found a home. While most animals brought to the shelter are shorter-term visitors, the stray Pitbull dog that arrived in the spring of 2009 proved to be more of a challenge for adoption.

Like most Pitbulls, Vinny was full of energy. The black dog with a patch of white on his sturdy chest enjoyed lots of play time with Talbot Humane volunteers and staff, who never gave up hope of finding a good home for him. However, months went by without a single visitor showing interest in adopting him.

Vinny’s temperament belied the Pitbull’s common yet mistakenly held reputation for aggression. Talbot Humane staff described him as a big teddy bear of a dog, always ready and willing to share hugs and doggie kisses. They made special efforts to keep him engaged with squeaky toys and rawhide treats.

The seasons came and went, and Vinny found new fun in searching for toys in the deep snows that came to Easton.

Knowing the dog as sweet and loving, the staff could not understand why no one wanted him.

Then one day, a young couple stopped by the shelter to look for a dog. Vinny had been there for 290 days. “They saw Vinny and immediately realized how special he was,” said Talbot Humane’s Executive Director Brian Metcalf. “It was as if he had patiently waited for them to come looking for him.”

The couple completed an adoption application and word quickly spread among the staff that someone finally was interested in Vinny. While the staff is always excited when an animal gets adopted, realism tempered their optimism, as people often do not follow through with the adoption process.

However, with the application approved, Vinny’s new family arrived three days later and he began a new life in a loving home.

“The investment of time and compassion that our volunteers and staff makes in the lives of the animals that come through our doors is extraordinary,” said Metcalf. “Even through the disappointing days, weeks and months of waiting for someone to connect with Vinny, they never gave up hope for him.”

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