Wargotz on the Air

Eric Wargotz, an elected member of the Queens Anne’s County Board of Commissioners and a candidate for US Senate from Maryland released the first of the campaign’s, “Eric on the Issues” radio ads, which will begin airing on talk radio stations around the state.  Wargotz, a physician, is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by four term incumbent Senator, Barbara Mikulski.

In the attached spot titled, “Our Common Defense,” Wargotz takes issue with Washington’s handling of illegal immigration.  “While illegal immigrants flood across our borders, Washington holds the door,” he says.  To address the problem, he plans to, “crackdown on employers who hire illegals and attract them across the border like a magnet.”

Wargotz says our energy needs are being held hostage to terrorist nations, while, “Washington sacrifices our liberty in the name of public safety.”  He pledges to support policies which make use of our natural resources here at home to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Commissioner Wargotz concludes by saying that he, “will not coddle terrorists with civilian trials, while Washington wallows in political correctness and the policies of appeasement.”

The spot, which begins airing tomorrow, is the first in a series designed to highlight the cornerstones of the campaign.  In the coming weeks, health care, the economy and the environment will also be addressed.

More information can be found on the campaign website at Wargotz.com.

By Authority Wargotz for US Senate, Inc.