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Are over-the-counter teeth whitening products as effective as professional in-office treatments?

NO! Nor are they as safe. While OTC products may be cheaper, they definitely have many pitfalls. First, they provide gradual and lackluster results. If you use a strip product, you are more likely to end up with two-toned colored results because they don’t cover teeth evenly. Plus, they are extremely rough on gums. Also, many people tend to overuse OTC products. That combined with ill-fitting trays and strips leads to many long-term problems from enamel damage and gum sensitivity.
On the contrary,  in-office treatments are much safer because we create custom-fitted mouth trays to provide even coverage of a much more-effective whitening gel. The biggest benefit of a custom mouth tray is the gel will not run over and harm your gums. Prescription whitening gel is also better for your enamel and produces a much quicker and longer-lasting result. Plus, being under the supervision of your doctor helps us monitor the health of your gums and teeth while giving you the brightest smile possible!

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