You Asked! Price & Gannon Ace Hardware Answered

“What size tent do I need?” In order to get the correct tent sizing, you need to take a few things into consideration. What kind of seating will you have? Will you be having a band or a DJ? What about a dance floor or a bar? Once we know what you need to put under your tent, it is much easier to figure out what size you need. We generally recommend a minimum of 15 sq. ft. per person if you are using 60” round tables, 4 sq. ft. per person for a dance floor, 100 sq. ft. for a bar or a buffet table, and around 50 sq. ft for a DJ, or 15 sq. ft. per band member. So the number of guests times the number of sq. ft needed per person, plus the space needed for additional event accessories, will give you the total square footage needed for the event and will show you what size tent you require.
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